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CARs 702 & 703 VFR Ground Training & Operations Manual Development

Above Minimums Aviation Training Solutions provides our clients with fully customized Ground Training & Operations Manuals. Everything is tailored to your organization's needs.


All modules will include your company logo branding as well as pictures that are specific to your operation. As a bonus, all manuals are created in a way that makes it simple for future additions and amendments as necessary to help keep you operational and current not only today, but also with future regulations.

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Dangerous Goods Manuals & Training Program Development

Whether you are a new start up, or an established company, Above Minimums Aviation Training Solutions will be able to help your team stay current with Canadian Aviation Safety requirements. 

We offer full service Dangerous Good Manuals & Training Programs, which include training module exams and digital certification cards. Our programs are guaranteed to either meet or exceed Transport Canada's requirements.

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Direct liaison with company Transport Canada inspector ensuring approval & compliance prior to final product delivery

We take the guess work and hassle out of communicating with Transport Canada.


At Above Minimums Aviation Training Solutions, we understand Canadian aviation operators. While you are focusing on what matters most in your operations, we work with your Transport Canada appointed inspector on your behalf to ensure that your operation's requirements are compliant before your final product is delivered. 

This means there are no more frustrating back and forth emails and missed phone calls while you are in the air. 

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Company documents & forms packages

We will create streamlined documents and forms packages for your business to help you track and organize your operation's requirements.  Our forms are easy to follow and are custom created to represent your brand. 

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Marketing, Website Development &
Social Media Management

A marketing strategy is essential for any business' growth. With over 20 years in the aviation industry, we know the industry and can custom tailor a marketing strategy to suit your organization's unique needs.


Whether your are starting a new company, or you are ready to grow your operation, Above Minimums Aviation is here for you!

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